Welcome to my web page. I am melcom or also Andreas melcom Urban.
I am a member of the Demoscene and create electronic music that can be downloaded here for free.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

► I am okay

Hey 🙋‍♀️

I've been asked a few times if I'm okay. Like many of you, I would like to do more in life. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to our never-ending pandemic. It stresses me out a lot. 😑 I try to devote myself to other things. I play computer games (currently The Elder Scrolls Online), make some music, work on new samples or try a new music style or I watch Netflix and Co. My upcoming track Haunted has many of my own created samples. I'm also trying out a lot of new stuff in the track. Possibly not everyone will like what I have done there. But that's okay.

Do you want to know what are currently my favorite computer games, then visit my page: About Me. There I have recently listed a few games. Maybe you will find a game for you to have fun with. 

Otherwise, be patient and give me some time. 🤗


Thursday, March 18, 2021

► Working on the web page

Hey o/

At this moment, I am working on the web page! The work will be completed tomorrow during the day or weekend. So there may be some problems with the web page. Most of the time I will be in the music area and do some rebuilding there.


//Update (2021-03-19 05:47)
I am now finished in the music area. My tracks under the years now have a better overview. In addition, there is now information about the module and the MP3 files. It's not really perfect yet, but it's much better than before.

In the "Older Tracks" section, I have now linked my Classic album that I released last year there. Then I deleted old information there on the page and replaced it with new, more up-to-date information.

Finally, I tweaked the code on every page I worked on that night and removed old errors.

Sometime later today, I'll be (slightly) revising the Music Albums section. When I'm done, I'll give you an update.

//Update (2021-03-20 04:49)
If I haven't forgotten, I'm done now! The download sections under Music & Music Albums have received an update. All kinds of information about the individual tracks or music albums are now displayed and everything looks a bit clearer. It's not quite perfect yet, but still better than before.The various download links are also up to date. If I missed something or if you notice an error, please contact me.

The work on my website is not quite finished yet. I will rebuild or update various areas a little bit in the coming days. A lot has happened in the last few weeks. Who visits my web page from time to time, will still remember the old (gray) web page. I like the new look of my web page and one or two new features.I like the simplicity of a web page. My web page is not perfect, of course. I am also not a professional and have only limited knowledge of html programming.

It will also be a little quieter here. I will watch a few series and movies and possibly play a computer game again. Beyond that, I'll try to get further into OpenMPT. 🤗


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

► There is much to do

Hi 🙋‍♀️

As you may know, I currently work a lot with OpenMPT. I created my own color scheme and my own keyboard layout, and I'm pretty happy with it. 😃 Keyboard layout and color scheme are still in beta.

I'm also working on a lot of new samples. Many of them I'm also trying to use in my next track or in one of the upcoming new tracks for the future. You can find all the stuff in my Dropbox.

And I added some more information about me ... There is not much new information. I was asked about my favorite books and my favorite games. Or if there is a way to look into my GOG wishlist. And yes, there is this possibility. I have nothing to hide 😉 Have fun

I have also revised my links page. There are many new links and almost every link a small description. I will make one or two updates to the site in the coming days.

And now at the end ...
Give me some time to get more familiar with OpenMPT. I enjoy it very much. That's all I have to tell you at the moment.

 Have a great week! 
- melcom

Sunday, March 7, 2021

► YouTube videos implemented

Hello folks 🙋‍♂️

I implemented a lot of YouTube videos last night. People who are subscribed to my YouTube channel probably know most of the videos. These are not high quality videos or anything. It's just about offering my tracks on YouTube as well. Anyway, you can now find these videos under my mp3 and mod files. Here is an example ... 🙃 

In addition, I am very happy with the development of my next track: Haunted. I had recently published a few small alpha versions. I hope you like these very early versions of the track. Also last night, I corrected a few small errors that I only noticed in the YouTube video.

And at the end, a little update on my track for a demo scene project:
After sending the track to the project leader a few days ago, I decided shortly after to pull the track back to revise it again. I wasn't happy with a couple of things. Like for example the drums / snare instruments. And so I made a completely new snare instrument myself. One day you can listen to the track. It's sample #23, if you're interested. This sample / instrument now also consists of several snare samples. In addition, I have reworked the sample at the end again with a VST plugin. I also polished the track a bit and corrected two small mistakes that I noticed only afterwards.

The track is now back at the project leader for a few days and I already got some praise. 😃
So, that was enough information for today.

Excuse my bad English 🤦‍♂️

Woah ... It is the middle of the night. We have it just after 4 o'clock in the morning. I should take care of my sleeping rhythm again 🥱

Good night! Or good morning. Whatever you like 😋
- melcom

Friday, March 5, 2021

► Haunted (working title) - Very early alpha version

Hey 🙋‍♀️

I would like to introduce you to my upcoming track. Currently it still has the name: Haunted. It is only very short track and a very early alpha version. Everything can still change!

The track is written in OpenMPT. Most of the samples / instruments made by me. I have created them recently. You can download the samples since a few days. If you want to comment on the track, you can leave a comment.

The track is online for a short time only!

"Haunted" (Module#062c-#alpha-20210305_0618.mp3)
💾 https://www.dropbox.com/

//Update (2021-03-06 01:40) - Would you like to have a 2nd version?

Only a small part was added!

"Haunted" (Module#062c04-#alpha-20210306_0125.mp3)
💾 https://www.dropbox.com/

//Update (2021-03-06 06:51) - This is the 3rd public version.

In this version there are new snares! Self-made! 😱 And new drum kit (HfHat, OpHat, Kick and so on). 

"Haunted" (Module#062c04b-#alpha-20210306_0648.mp3)
💾 https://www.dropbox.com/

There is no further alpha or beta version planned! I will have to do a lot of work now. Have fun with these three versions of Haunted 👻

//Update (2021-03-06 16:13) - Small YouTube video published.
"Haunted" (YT-Video)
🎬 melcom ► Haunted alpha-20210306_0648 Module - YouTube

Friday, February 26, 2021

► My Samples for you ...

Hey 🙋‍♀️

I am currently working on my website - as you could see in the last days 🙂 There was a lot to do and even more I would like to offer you. More than just my music. Most of what I can give you besides my music is rather small. But I hope it's okay for you.

Yesterday there were my colors for the Schism Tracker and OpenMPT . In addition there were my own keybindings for the OpenMPT . These are even closer to Schism Tracke r and Impulse Tracker than the keybindings that come with OpenMPT . I also told you my compression ratio , which I used to reduce, / compress my huge mod files very much without affecting the quality.

And today I give you some of my samples: 😮
Most of them I have made myself in a small procedure, which I always use. Maybe I'll tell you about it one day. There will be more and more samples as time goes on.

You can find my samples in the top (navigation bar) under: 🔊 Music

💾 Or click on the link here:

Have Fun
- melcom

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

► Dropbox as an alternative download source

Good evening 👻

Short information ...
I recently made my Dopbox available as an alternative download source of my tracks and other stuff. I will give you a link to my Dopbox account here. There you can download all my works from the last years. You can find there my modules, mp3 filesmusic albumssampleand from now on also my own color settings from Schism Tracker, which I use myself.

If I find the time in the coming days, I will also provide you with my settings for OpenMPT there. Colors, keyboard settings and the font I use. Also, I will provide you with my compression ratio that I used to compress my huge mod files.

💾 My Dropbox:

Good night 🥱

As promised, I have uploaded my color settings as well as screenshots of the compression ratio - which I use for OpenMPT. More information can be found below this post in the comments.

► Headlock.it ... my 1st OpenMPT Mod-File

Hello 🙋‍♂️

Here is it now ... my 1st track I composed in OpenMPT 😮 I had already announced the track yesterday. In the last few months I have been dealing with OpenMPT a lot. Not everything worked right away. Whether in the overview or also operability, I had constantly any problems. In addition, I use a different font and also different colors that I put together myself. I also use a different key layout and so on. I was a user of Schism Tracker for years. And the tracker is much less complicated. I spent days and nights in OpenMPT. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Step by step ... My dear friend SagaMusix.de has also helped me with the training. I learned a lot, very much. But now I have done it!

I hope you like my new track: Headlock. If you use SchismTracker or OpenMPT for the mod file, then press shift+f9. The words you can read there are addressed to my faithful friend SagaMusic.de and all other people in my private environment. It is not always easy with me. My self-doubt and depression can be very exhausting. 😯

But well ... Have fun with Headlock 🤗

💾 Download as .mp3 / .it mod file or listen to the title online:


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

► What's new?

Hello friends 🙋‍♀️

I hope you are all doing well! How do you like my new colors? There was also some rebuilding on the web page. This reconstruction will also be continued.

🎵 But let's get to the music ...
I composed two new pieces of music at the same time. Two extraordinary tracks. One track is for you and will be released in the coming days. Yup, you read that right! And you can really look forward to it. 😀 PS: just between us ... no one is reading here 😉 I wrote this track completely in OpenMPT for the first time! 😮 Yup ...

I am preparing everything to show the track to you as soon as possible. The second track is for an upcoming demoscene project. I had already announced it here a few days ago. This track also turned out wonderful. There was also no deciding between which track I'll give you here soon or which of the two tracks I'll use for the demoscene project. No, there was no decision. I started the track for the project first. It would seem wrong to decide to do something else in the middle of work. I don't believe in such decisions and I would always be thinking if I made the right choice. This thought would only haunt me and drive me insane in the end. And I already have enough craziness in my life. I don't want more 😉

All right, that's it for today. At this time I can not yet name a day when I publish my track here for you. It will not be long now. It can be tomorrow but it could also be in 2-3 days. But longer than 2 or 3 days, it should probably not be.

Signed out,
     👆     👍 uhhh, yeah 💙

Thursday, February 11, 2021

► Colors are the smiles of nature

Hello folks 🙋‍♂️

Yes you see right 😲 There are brand-new colors 🌈 and a new font (PT Sans) on my website. Do you like them? I figured some variety would be good. If you watch my Youtube videos, you will surely notice that they are the colors of my intros. Here is a screenshot from one of my intros as an example.

I'll be trying a few more alternartiv colors throughout the day and week. I am not yet 100% satisfied. There may possibly be display errors or small failures. But don't worry, I have created enough backups of my web page. 🙂

I hope you like the colors and the new font. My web page was in gray for 1 year now. Time to change that, right? Maybe the gray colors will come back one day. That's it for now.

- melcom

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

► A sign of life *Update*

Hey 🙋‍♀️

a little update about my song for the new Demoscene project. My track was as good as finished. I had already described that here. Thank goodness I have a dear friend. I have mentioned him often enough in the last months, my friend @SagaMusix.de. 🤗

He listened to the track and there was criticism. Anyone who has suffered from self-doubt for years, as I have, can imagine how difficult it is to receive even the slightest criticism. Even though he is my friend, it really hit me hard, and I fell into an empty black hole for a few days. However, I took his words into my heart and followed his advice. Today I can say that he was - as so often - right with his criticism. I worked some more. Also, at night. 2 nights to be exact. I came up with a few ideas myself and then incorporated them into the track. At the current stage, the track sounds really good. 😊

Yesterday there was a newsletter from our project;
We have now been given time until the beginning of April 2021. One reason is that many of the artists also want to contribute something to the Revision 2021. There are other reasons, but they are too private to share on the Internet. Sorry 😺

Okay, that should be it for now. If I have another update, I'll post it here.


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

► A sign of life

Hallo, Hello, Bonjour, Salve, Witam and Hola 🙋‍♂️

Did you get through the journey to the year 2021 okay? I hope you are all healthy 💙

I'm working again - after a short break - on my track for the upcoming Demoscene project. The work is progressing well. I'm currently polishing the track and looking for bugs, but I can't and won't tell you any more than that. But if you like my music, you will like the track. Possibly even love? 🤗

Please don't expect any new tracks from me in the near future. I have been fighting my depression and self-doubt for many years. I really need to take care of my health. But I can promise everyone who likes my music that the upcoming track for the DemoScene project will be really great. As soon as I have more information, I will write it here. A lot of my feelings or how I feel is contained in the track. Don't worry, the track won't be too depressing. 😉 Let yourself be surprised.

That's all for now.


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