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Explore melcom's sonic world! Download free tracker modules and MP3 tracks crafted exclusively for the Demoscene. Immerse yourself in vibrant electronic beats and evocative melodies that define the essence of this artistic community.

πŸ”— Links

Some pages have a πŸ’™. These pages get a recommendation from me. But that doesn't mean other sites are any less good and it can change at any time!

Other web pages with melcom stuff

friends and cool people

  • h0ffman (Great demo scene musician and DJ from the UK)
  • netpoet (Terrific German demo scene musician with really great and unusual tracks)
  • SagaMusix.de (A loyal friend for years and probably the best musician I know)
  • Stailer (Very talented electronic music maker from France)
  • Virgill (One of the best German demo scene musician and a good friend)



VST plugins

sound, emulation, encoders, front-end ...

demoscene resources

game development / underground / programming

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