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Welcome to my official website. I am melcom, also known as Andreas melcom Urban.
I am a member of the demo scene and create electronic music, which can be downloaded for free from here.

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🔗 ► The sound of melcom - Classics

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Release date: 05-Dez-2020
File: tsomclassics.zip
Size: 18.445.245 bytes
Length: 01:06:34
Format: .s3m & .it
Tracks: 16
Release date: 05-Dez-2020
File: melcom-the_sound_of_melcom_-_classics_(mp3_album).zip
Size: 170.747.103 bytes
Length: 01:06:34
Format: MPEG1 layer 3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Tracks: 16

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Info: We celebrate the 1st year of www.melcom-music.de ✨🎈🎧
This album contains a small collection of tracks from my demoscene time. All tracks have been "slightly" revised. I made sure (hopefully) that they didn't lose their old charm when I edited the MOD files. 
In addition, the tracks were not simply edited. No, I use the original trackers of that time to edit the MOD files. For the AudioFiles (wav / mp3) I then used different VST plugins & mastering tools. Exactly what they were is described below.
Do not expect a newly mastered album! The titles have been changed only slightly, stereo effects have been improved, and I have tried to correct some old mistakes. Some tracks were edited more than others. For example, Space Invaders 2.2 became a Special Edition because it deviated too much from the original.
I must thank SagaMusix.de for his patience with me. You have been - as always - a true friend to me during this time!

What have I actually changed / what is new?

I did my job quite well (I think). But then there are also special things, I had to use tricks to make the sample or the instrument sound better. Many samples are well over 20 years old or even older. I was also VERY inexperienced at that time. Besides, as a teenager I never had a good sound system. By the way; OpenMPT was a very big help for me in editing the samples! It is really a masterful tool.

  • In every single MOD file I tried to improve the samples. For example to remove a crackle.
  • Various loops within different samples have been improved.
  • In some tracks new passages (patterns / channels) have been added.
  • Many patterns / channels were revised. In really every track something was added or changed! You may not hear this sometimes, but I assure you, these places are there 😊
  • And if too much of the song changed, it became a special edition or extended version.
  • NO sample has been replaced with a sample from today!

🔨 I used the following tools to rework all tracks:
Impulse Tracker (Thanks to DOSBox 😊)
Scream Tracker (DosBox)
Schism Tracker (Thanks to Storlek (and the other contributors) for this great tool.
OpenMPT (Thanks go to SagaMusix.de for all your help and tips)
Audio Software:
OceanAudio (Powerful audio editor with VST plugin support)
TP Basslane (Uhhh ... nice)
TDR VOS SlickEQ (My favorite mastering tool)
Electri-Q (powerful EQ)
Ozone Imager V2 (Stereo Imaging Plug-in)
But now ... have fun with these really old classics 👾


🔗 ► Wunderwelt

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Release date: ---
File: ---
Size: ---
Length: ---
Format: ---
Tracks: ---
Release date: 10-Apr-2020
File: melcom-wunderwelt_(mp3_album).zip
Size: 122.772.907 bytes
Length: 00:51:03
Format: MPEG1 layer 3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Tracks: 11

💾 .S3M & .IT Download
Maybe later. Sorry.
💾 .MP3 Download

Info: This album contains a selection of my most popular songs of the last years. Every track was completely reworked by me! Sometimes I changed the melody a little bit or corrected mistakes, which I only heard much later. Just one example is my track "Cyberpunk" where I forgot to change an old mistake in a recurring melody. A mistake I always wanted to correct, but never got around to.

Of course not all tracks had errors or were changed by me at the "melody". I have learned a lot in the last months in dealing with VST plugins. And I also used these for a better sound experience. I hope so, anyway 🤔

There are currently no .IT files available! Please excuse this. I am someone who always offers the .IT files for download. It was a lot of work to rework the tracks. I would first have to prepare some of the .IT files for a download. This will take some time. Enjoy ...

Happy Easter! 🐰 🥚

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