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Explore melcom's sonic world! Download free tracker modules and MP3 tracks crafted exclusively for the Demoscene. Immerse yourself in vibrant electronic beats and evocative melodies that define the essence of this artistic community.

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Explore melcom's music collection crafted exclusively for the Demoscene. Download Music Disks and Albums available as Module files or MP3s.

🔗 ► The sound of melcom - Classics

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Release date: 05-Dez-2020
File: tsomclassics.zip
Size: 18.445.245 bytes
Length: 01:06:34
Format: .s3m & .it
Tracks: 16
Release date: 05-Dez-2020
File: melcom-the_sound_of_melcom_-_classics_(mp3_album).zip
Size: 170.747.103 bytes
Length: 01:06:34
Format: MPEG1 layer 3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Tracks: 16

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Info: We celebrate the 1st year of www.melcom-music.de ✨🎈🎧
This album contains a small collection of tracks from my demoscene time. All tracks have been "slightly" revised. I made sure (hopefully) that they didn't lose their old charm when I edited the MOD files. 
In addition, the tracks were not simply edited. No, I use the original trackers of that time to edit the MOD files. For the AudioFiles (wav / mp3) I then used different VST plugins & mastering tools. Exactly what they were is described below.
Do not expect a newly mastered album! The titles have been changed only slightly, stereo effects have been improved, and I have tried to correct some old mistakes. Some tracks were edited more than others. For example, Space Invaders 2.2 became a Special Edition because it deviated too much from the original.
I must thank SagaMusix.de for his patience with me. You have been - as always - a true friend to me during this time!

What have I actually changed / what is new?

I did my job quite well (I think). But then there are also special things, I had to use tricks to make the sample or the instrument sound better. Many samples are well over 20 years old or even older. I was also VERY inexperienced at that time. Besides, as a teenager I never had a good sound system. By the way; OpenMPT was a very big help for me in editing the samples! It is really a masterful tool.

  • In every single MOD file I tried to improve the samples. For example to remove a crackle.
  • Various loops within different samples have been improved.
  • In some tracks new passages (patterns / channels) have been added.
  • Many patterns / channels were revised. In really every track something was added or changed! You may not hear this sometimes, but I assure you, these places are there 😊
  • And if too much of the song changed, it became a special edition or extended version.
  • NO sample has been replaced with a sample from today!

🔨 I used the following tools to rework all tracks:
Impulse Tracker (Thanks to DOSBox 😊)
Scream Tracker (DosBox)
Schism Tracker (Thanks to Storlek (and the other contributors) for this great tool.
OpenMPT (Thanks go to SagaMusix.de for all your help and tips)
Audio Software:
OceanAudio (Powerful audio editor with VST plugin support)
TP Basslane (Uhhh ... nice)
TDR VOS SlickEQ (My favorite mastering tool)
Electri-Q (powerful EQ)
Ozone Imager V2 (Stereo Imaging Plug-in)
But now ... have fun with these really old classics 👾


🔗 ► Wunderwelt

🎧 Listen online

Release date: ---
File: ---
Size: ---
Length: ---
Format: ---
Tracks: ---
Release date: 10-Apr-2020
File: melcom-wunderwelt_(mp3_album).zip
Size: 122.772.907 bytes
Length: 00:51:03
Format: MPEG1 layer 3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Tracks: 11

💾 .S3M & .IT Download
Maybe later. Sorry.
💾 .MP3 Download

Info: This album contains a selection of my most popular songs of the last years. Every track was completely reworked by me! Sometimes I changed the melody a little bit or corrected mistakes, which I only heard much later. Just one example is my track "Cyberpunk" where I forgot to change an old mistake in a recurring melody. A mistake I always wanted to correct, but never got around to.

Of course not all tracks had errors or were changed by me at the "melody". I have learned a lot in the last months in dealing with VST plugins. And I also used these for a better sound experience. I hope so, anyway 🤔

There are currently no .IT files available! Please excuse this. I am someone who always offers the .IT files for download. It was a lot of work to rework the tracks. I would first have to prepare some of the .IT files for a download. This will take some time. Enjoy ...

Happy Easter! 🐰 🥚

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