Multimedia, Audio and Video Game Music by Andreas melcom Urban. On my site you can find a few selected bits of my music, videos and a litte bit more - not everything has been published.

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Release date: 10-Apr-2020
Format: Impulse Tracker (Schism)
Info: This album contains a selection of my most popular songs of the last years. Every track was completely reworked by me! Sometimes I changed the melody a little bit or corrected mistakes, which I only heard much later. Just one example is my track "Cyberpunk" where I forgot to change an old mistake in a recurring melody. A mistake I always wanted to correct, but never got around to.

Of course not all tracks had errors or were changed by me at the "melody". I have learned a lot in the last months in dealing with VST plugins. And I also used these for a better sound experience. I hope so, anyway 🤔

There are currently no .IT files available! Please excuse this. I am someone who always offers the .IT files for download. It was a lot of work to rework the tracks. I would first have to prepare some of the .IT files for a download. This will take some time. Enjoy ...

Happy Easter! 🐰 🥚