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Release date: 05-Sep-2020
Format: Impulse Tracker (Schism)
Channels: 27
Info: Image by korpa. Thanks!
This track was composed in Schism Tracker! Samples trimmed / compressed and last saved in OpenMPT. Contact me if you want the uncompressed version of this track.

It is the first track of mine this year (2020). The track has a long history. It all started with the tool: Dolby Access for Windows for my headphones. For several weeks I used this tool in my work with "Schism Tracker". It should help me to better distribute the effects and events in the track. I do not want to say much more about this. Decide for yourself if you like the track or if it just sounds too weird? 🤭

Tools I used for the .MP3 version:
- Schism Tracker
- Dolby Access for Windows
- Ocenaudio
- VSTPlugin: MASQUARADE XTRA (Terry West Productions)