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Explore melcom's sonic world! Download free tracker modules and MP3 tracks crafted exclusively for the Demoscene. Immerse yourself in vibrant electronic beats and evocative melodies that define the essence of this artistic community.

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Recent Years

Explore melcom's music collection crafted exclusively for the Demoscene. Download Music Disks and Albums available as Module files or MP3s.

Albumname Date Type Info
The sound of melcom - Classics 2020 .s3m / .it / .mp3 Collection of revised tracks from my demo scene days
Wunderwelt 2020 .it / .mp3 A selection of my favorite songs from recent years
Assault on Arkham 2016 .it / .mp3 Tribute to the Batman Arkham Game Series
Jagged - Transformers 1999 .it / .mp3 For a never-released computer game
Dark Trooper Symphony 4 1999 .it / .mp3 My fourth Dark Trooper Symphony music disk
Dark Breed 1998 .it / .mp3 Just a music disc
Trash Rida 1998 .it / .mp3 For the former demoscene group: Digital Brotherhood
Space Invaders 1997 .s3m / .mp3 Tribute to the Game: Space Invaders

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