Multimedia, Audio and Video Game Music by Andreas melcom Urban. On my site you can find a few selected bits of my music, videos and a litte bit more - not everything has been published.


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On this page you can find my MP3 and MOD files. You can download the files or (mostly) listen to them online. Now simply select a year. Have fun 🙂

🔗My Tools
Impulse Tracker (A long time ago)

Schism Tracker (Open-source audio module tracker. I use today)
► Ocenaudio (Audio editor with VST plugins support)

OpenMPT (Open-source audio module tracker)
Renoise (A digital audio workstation)

► Lame (Encoder)
RazorLame (Frontend)

beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO (Headphones)
Dolby Access for Windows 10

Shotcut (Video Editor)