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Saturday, April 30, 2022

► Stroke

Stroke is a new mod file by me.
It took a long time, but now the track is finally ready.

You can download this track in .it and .mp3 format:
๐Ÿ’พ https://www.melcom-music.de/p/music-2022.html#stroke

The announcement of this track was a while ago. I also had to postpone the release because I wasn't 100% satisfied with the track until just before it was finished. In my last few blog posts on my website, I've stressed several times how important it is to me to stand behind every title 100%. I've released a lot of tracks in the past that I wish I had spent more time on to make them better. I don't want to say that Stroke is my best track. That's ultimately a question of taste. But I feel wonderful about the release because I know I put all my skills and knowledge into this track. 

I was also accompanied by SagaMusix, who always provided me with tips and even better samples. But enough now. Enjoy this - in my eyes - wonderful track and also watch the video
I just got an email. Someone said the track sounds too wide on their system. Please make sure that you deactivate your surround sound under your system. It is very important that you listen to the tracks of a music artist without filters or even Dolby Access. Thanks for your understanding.

PS: I use headphones and turn off all sound filters, room sounds, Dolby Access, etc. I always turn them off. Always!

 ๐Ÿ“ง Send me feedback if you feel like it.


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