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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

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 Hey πŸ™‹‍♂️

I have cleaned up a bit here. I have now removed old previews from my upcoming tracks. In the meantime, many tracks sound completely different or even the work on them was stopped. I still can't give you an exact date when I will release another new track. 

I've really released a lot of music in the last few years. Some tracks for the Wunderwelt album even slightly reworked or even many of my old classics adapted to the present time and released as an album. When I look at the downloads, I just get sad. πŸ˜’ Since my work with OpenMPT, I learn so many new things. A lot of things I try to implement. Some of it I manage quite well, I think. Then I'm happy about a new track myself, but only a little later reality catches up with me when I then look at the download numbers - despite all the advertising I do - on various sites and social media pages. It's killing me ...

But enough written for the moment. I'll keep working on myself despite the lousy download numbers, and if there's a new track, you'll find it here.

PS: Sorry for my bad english.


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