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Saturday, July 23, 2022

► Small new hardware in da house

 Hey 🙋‍♂️

I bought a new small hardware device. So far, I have always connected my headphones (beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO) directly to the on-board sound card of my motherboard. I was never really satisfied with the sound. I was talking about this with my friend SagaMusix. He really has a lot of experience and has a lot of music hardware in use. I was actually planning on buying a headphone amp like the FiiO E10K. But then my friend advised me to the U22 XT. It costs about 10 € more and offers a few things more. I was skeptical at first whether I would even need all the features that the U22 XT has. I also hardly heard any difference in the sound. In the meantime, however, I have become familiar with the device. And hey, both my headphones and the U22 XT are made in Germany. We are known for producing good hardware 😉

And yes, I think the sound through my headphones has improved. 😊 Also, switching between my headphones and my speakers connected to the PC works much better now under Windows 11. I had to figure out how to do this first. I can still use my Dolby Access Windows app through my headphones. A great sound when I watch my series and movies on Netflix and Co. or even with my computer games. Of course, I can also quickly disable Dolby Access when listening to music or even composing myself, using tools like OpenMPT or Schism Tracker. All in all, I am VERY happy right now and possibly this will affect my own tracks I compose in the future. Who knows 🙃

I thought I'd let you know because I'm also very happy with my little new acquisition right now 🙈 So, that's it from me. And yes, I'm currently working on several tracks. But these still need some time. And please understand ... it's summer! (I hate the summer 😏🌻)

Sorry for my bad English!


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