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I am a member of the Demoscene and create electronic music that can be downloaded here for free.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

► What's new?

Guten Morgen 🙋‍♂️

What's new?
Recently I had published here several small previews of a new track of mine. This track is 98% done, and it turned out really great. 😊 You probably remember my friend SagaMusix.de, right? He gave me (once again) many helpful tips that I tried to implement in my track. Thank you so much!

As I said before, this track is now 98% done. There is still a lot to do. I'm still working on some samples/instruments. It still needs some "fine-tuning". Whether I will release this - or any other - track before the end of the year, I can't promise, unfortunately. 😒 I just don't want to give you false hope or make any promises. I also have many other things to do in my everyday life. The hobby (music) has to come a little shorter at the moment.

Also, I want to do a lot of things differently in the future in terms of my music. I really get into OpenMPT a lot and always learn something new. In the past I have released many tracks. With some of these tracks, I now wish I had put more work into this one. I want to work harder and do an even better job in the future! That's something I'd like to do. That's why I might release fewer tracks per year, but I'll release better ones ... I hope 😊

I hope you understand that.

Since I don't have a finished track at the moment, there's a little surprise from me. Another little taste of another track of mine. This track is still at the very beginning and can be compared to an alpha version. Please note that this track does not represent the finished version!!

💾 Download (Module#067b.wav)
This alpha preview is only available for download for a few days):

And since I'm sure you're already excited about the track, to which I've already published a few small previews here recently, I'm now giving exclusive insights into this track, which is now (as I mentioned above) 98% finished 😮 I hope you like what you hear. Enjoy the 1 min preview!

💾 Download (Module#066i#08SC.wav)
This 1 min preview is only available for download for a few days):

And now? Can you imagine now how hard I try to write even better tracks? I really hope you enjoy the two previews of two new tracks. You can contact me at any time and give me feedback.

PS: Sorry for my bad English. 🤦‍♂️


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